26 Amazing And Interesting Omg Facts About Nepal

 26 Amazing And Interesting Omg Facts About Nepal 

We Shall Discuss Here 26 Amazing And Interesting Omg Facts About Nepal History, Population, Nepali Language, Map, Kids Etc.

Omg Facts About Nepal

So Following Are Lists Of 26 Amazing And Interesting Omg Facts About Nepal  Are As Follows :- 

1. The word Nepal is derived from the name of the Hindu saint "Naimi" who according to Skanda Purana lived in the Himalayas. It was he who patronized and settled the valley of Kathmandu.

2. Nepal is also called the "rooftop of the world" because it is the world's 8 highest mountains, including Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain.

3. Lumbini of Nepal is the birthplace of Mahatma Mercury, who later laid the foundation of Buddhism in the whole world.

4. Nepal is the country of the highest Hindu religion after India in the world. Here both Hindu and Buddhist religions are mainly considered here.

5. Nepal Aaj Tak has not been enslaved to any country, hence no Independence Day is celebrated there.

6. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is one of the ancient cities of the world, whose ancient name was Kantipur. Kathmandu has the largest population of Nepal.

7. India's relations with Nepal have been very old and sweet, which you can guess from the fact that people from India and Nepal do not need any kind of documents.

8. Nepal is considered to be the oldest country in South Asia, which is a very small country but still 123 languages ​​are spoken here.

9. Nepal's time runs not on the basis of timezone but on Mount Everest and thus its time is about 45 minutes behind the world standard time.

10. Nepal has more than 870 species of birds, more than 650 species of butterflies and 5980 species of flowering plants, of which 2 percent of the world's orchids are included.

11. Gorkha of Nepal is known all over the world for its bravery. There is a completely different regiment of them in the army of India.

12. Nepal is counted among the poorest countries of the world where the daily income of the residents is less than 1 dollar per day.

13. Agriculture and tourism is the major part of Nepal's income.

14. Nepal's national flag is a quadrangular shape. It is made up of two triangles, out of which one triangle represents Hinduism and one triangle represents Buddhism.

15. The Valley of Nepal is also very famous all over the world due to many stories of snowman ie Yethi.

16. Even today there are many such tribes in Nepal, according to the traditions of which a woman can have more than one husband, and she can live with all.

17. Nepal has the highest number of pure water rivers and more than 6000 lakes in the world and Nepal also comes second in the world for collecting water.

18. The favorite food of Nepal's people to eat the most is fast food momos which is very much prevalent in India even today.

19. Pashupatinath, the temple of the world-famous Lord Shiva, is present in Kathmandu, Nepal.

20. People of Nepal, like the people of India, greet people by greeting them while greeting someone.

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21. 90% of marriages in Nepal are arranged and the bride and groom cannot meet each other before marriage nor can they see it.

22. Nepal is situated in an inaccessible hilly region, due to which the transport system is not very good yet. The total length of railways in the country is only 59 km, 10000 km long paved road and 7000 km kutcha road.

23. Air travel facility in Nepal is very good due to the number of tourists coming from outside. There are 47 airports out of which 11 have paved road runway.

24. Nepal is considered a paradise for mountaineering lovers.

25. Like Nepal, cow is considered sacred in India and its killing is considered illegal. Along with this, cow is also the national animal of Nepal.

26. There has been a monarchy rule in Nepal for a long time, but now a democratically elected government works here too.

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