What Is Uricemia And Body Effect Of Uricemia

 What Is Uricemia  

What Is Uricemia
What Is Uricemia

Uricemia Refer To The Presence Of Uric Acid In The Blood And Can Be Distinguished With Hyperuricemia And Hypouricemia.

Hyperuricemia is a high level of uric acid in the blood. The average upper limit is 6.8mg / dL, and anything above 7 mg / dL is considered complete, and symptoms may occur. This high level is the result of increased production, decreased uric acid release, or a combination of both processes.

Hypouricemia has a lower level of uric acid in the blood of serum below normal. In humans, the normal range for this blood cell has a low range set in the range of 2 mg / dL to 4 mg / dL, and the upper limit is 530 micromol / L (6 mg / dL) for women and 619 micromol / L (7 mg / dL) for men.

Now We shall Discuss Body Effect Of Uricemia  

Body Effect Of Uricemia
Body Effect Of Uricemia


Hyperuricemia can cause uric acid crystals. These crystals can stay in the joints and cause gout, a type of arthritis that can be very painful. They can also stay in the kidneys and build kidney stones

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