Know about some of the world's most expensive 24 carat gold plated ice cream

As we all know that wearing #24CaratGold in #India is a hobby for someone, then it is a great investment option for someone. In India, women do not swell by wearing gold ornaments, while men also want to fill gold in their vault, but now the era has moved many steps ahead. Along with this, gold plated foods have also come in the trend, which nowadays includes #24Carat_Gold_Plated_Icecream  trend is very much in #India.

Let us also tell you that a few years ago, Bollywood actress #ShilpaShetty shared a video from Hong Kong in which she was seen eating a #24Carat_Gold_Plated_Icecream  and now people in #India are also Enjoying eating #24Carat_Gold_Plated_Icecream

 Know about some of the world's most expensive 24 carat gold plated ice cream

This ice cream is made by Mumbai's Huber & Holi Ice Cream Parlor, a  #24Carat_Gold_Plated_Icecream and named as- #The_Mighty_Midas .In addition to #24CaratGold foil, 17 Incredible Elements have been added to this ice cream. The company has also shared a picture of this special #24Carat_Gold_Plated_Icecream on its Instagram account. This ice cream parlor named #Huber and #Holi is in Juhu, Mumbai. This ice cream parlor is in 3 cities - Mumbai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

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This ice cream named #The_Mighty_Midas  includes waffle cone in addition to caramelized amonds, brownies, nutty praline, hazelnut balls, fudge, Belgian chocolate ice cream, golden chocolate ice cream and #24CaratGold foil flakes in toppings, in addition to Passion Fruit, There is also a lot. If you believe in social media content, the price of this gold ice cream is 1 thousand rupees.
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