Know about havan and its method and its importance in our life

As we all know that in Hinduism, #Havan or Yajna is a ritual of purification. The process of bringing Havis near the deity through fire in the Kund is called Havan . According to the scriptures it is believed that if there is an influence of an evil spirit etc around  you, the Havan process will liberate you from it. It helps. Havan is also done for good luck, health and prosperity etc.
Materials used for #Havan
Among the incense burns we include musk, saffron, agar, tagar, sandalwood, spikenard, cardamom, basil, nutmeg, mace, camphor and camphor kachri, guggul, nagarmotha, ghee, fruit, tubers, rice, barley, wheat, honey, sugar, raisins , Chuara, Giloy, etc. are the main uses of substances.

From a scientific point of view, #Havan and yagya are very beneficial for both humans and nature.

Know about havan and its method and its importance in our life

#Havan purifies the air. Along with this, diseases are destroyed due to its effect, which also helps us in balancing our physical #Health. In addition to removing odors used in havan, they also maintain the balance of weather by reaching the atmosphere.

According to experts, formaldehyde gas is produced after performing #
Havan . This gas expands into the atmosphere without changing it. The specialty of this gas is that it acts as a disinfectant when it is vaporized. Therefore all the formaldehyde gas produced from the incense purifies the atmosphere.

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